22 March 1912.

The late Mr Joseph Bastiani

A Veteran Liberal and noted Smuggler of olden days


The death took place at his residence at Colwell on Friday morning last of Mr Joseph W Bastiani, a well known local resident and one of the oldest Liberals of the district, after a very short illness.

Although ailing for the past four or five weeks Mr Bastiani was out off doors on the Monday prior to his death. The late Mr Bastiani was 80 years of age and could recall many tales of interest of the doings of his younger days, when he would frequently run contraband goods, on one occasion after landing a cargo at Compton they were chased right across to Totland where they were caught.

The deceased was a noted and familiar figure along the shores and proud of the number of distinguished visitors he had the honour of taking out for a row or a sail. The most interesting personality to him  being the late Mr Laboughere. Mr Bastiani was a well known Liberal and one of the oldest veterans of the islands Liberal Association, which he rarely missed attending.

He was an out and out supporter of the cause of Liberalism and one of the first to advocate the erection of a Liberal club for the district and personally collected a considerable portion off the money that purchased the land to build a club on, but failed to see the realization of his ideas, although he lived to be a regular member of the present institution.

The late Mr Bastiani was predeceased by his wife some seven or eight years ago and leaves a grown up family of seven sons and one daughter.  There are also 35 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.

The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon at the Colwell  Baptist Chapel where he attended for a number of years and there was a large attendance of mourners and sympathizing friends present.

Mr Albert Hill conducted the service and portions of scripture included the 90th Psalm, 1st Corinthians, 5th chapter, and 14th chapter of Revelations, while the hymn sung was “Rock of Ages”. In a feeling address Mr Hill referred to the respect with which their departed brother and comrade was held by those who had known him for a good number of years. He was a man of principle and one whose word could be looked upon as a guarantee.

The coffin was borne from the house to the chapel by four of the deceased fellow boatmen. Messrs C. Conway, E. Conway, Elias Cotton and F. Dorey.

The family mourners present were Messrs Edward, Frederick, John, Joseph, Maurice and Sebastian Bastiani (sons), Mrs Urry (daughter) Mesdames Edward and Joseph Bastiani (daughters in law), the Misses Mable and Gertrude Bastiani (granddaughters) and Albert Bastiani (grandson).

Among other present were Mr and Mrs Cotton, Mr and Mrs Geo, Baker, Miss St John, Mrs Saunders, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Reason, Mrs J Reason, Mrs W Eldridge, Mrs Albert Hills, Miss Keslake, Mrs Howe, Mrs Holden, Mrs Elias Cotton, Messrs G Moyce, H Fry, R E Liver, Edgar Hitchman, J Lane, T S Webb, R Ray, A W Green, and Mark Whitewood.

There were a number of beautiful floral tributes including a wreath from West Wight Liberal Association and Club, Fred and Lucy, Margie Sebastian and family, Neal Ellen and the children, Queenie and Rodney, Joe and Alice, Mr and Mrs Dorey, Mr and Mrs Saunders and from the late friends at the Totland reading rooms (Miss St John).

Messrs Wheeler & Co. were the undertakers and the coffin plate was inscribed

 “JOSEPH BASTIANI DIED MARCH 15, 1912 aged 80 years”

The family of the late Mr Bastiani wish to sincerely thank the many kind friends and neighbours for their expressions of sympathy and for flowers sent.